Islanna's World

Islanna is a pioneering new fashion brand that blends Brazilian urban style with European chic. The ethos of our debut collection is empowerment for all through style. From sporty hoodies to elegant dresses, we want to give you the self-confidence to live your best life, every day. Our collection prioritises comfort and has been put together by a team of talented female designers with experience in some of the UK and Brazil’s most creative fashion houses.

Sustainability is part of our DNA, and we work uniquely with accredited ethical producers in the EU. We work with high-quality recyclable fabrics and have invested in production methods with the lowest environmental impact.

Our founder Islana Rosa is a passionate believer in fulfilling everyone’s potential. She chose to launch her collection in London as it’s a city full of driven, independent people who share her ambition and creativity. We’d love to hear what you think of it.